Part 9 – Chapter 4



I was born on the Planet Earth, a place of great water and oceans, where all life on Earth had come from. I am an air breather, who can no longer breathe underwater or anywhere outside of this planet, in this Solar System, except in this planet’s atmosphere, with something called gravity, on a land mass, a continent called North America, in a place called the United States of America, at Boston City Hospital, in a town called, Roxbury, the colored part of Boston, Massachusetts, where violence, liquor stores, crime, heroin, welfare, pimps, gangsters, hustlers, serial killers, drug addicts, rapists, murderers prevailed and lived alongside college educated, bourgeois, middle class lawyers, doctors, school teachers, and good black working people and families. 

It looked a lot like a small village, but it was a ghetto full of Black people some doing real good, most doing real bad.  Just like in the days of slavery, living in the slave quarters was set up the same as living in the ghetto. Some slaves did real good, but most slaves did and lived real bad.  Those that did real good usually had some dealings with the White man, usually the plantation owner and worked in the main or big house, tending to household duties or the owners children or tended to the white man’s other property like his horses and specialized in carpentry and other building, farming or plantation skills and were usually the plantation owners children of slaves or in-bred lighter skinned slaves. 

The ones who did real bad were the slaves that were worked to death, the do or die slave, the menial worker slave, the cotton, tobacco, and farm field hand slave and they were the majority. They were the workers and they made the plantation owner wealthy.  They were usually darker skinned slaves and were treated badly by everyone, slave owner and the so called house slaves alike. 

But all the slaves had one thing in common, they all had to live in slave row, they all had to live together, in a ghetto of sorts and so they formed a hierarchy of those who did well and those who did not do well, with the lighter skinned slaves lording it over the darker skinned slaves and the darker skinned slaves hating the lighter skinned slaves. In other words the plantation owner treated the lighter skinned slaves with some leniency and kindness and the darker skinned slaves as mules and so the lighter skinned slaves treated the darker skinned slaves the same as the owner and his family did, and kept the darker skinned slaves in line by telling the owner of any uprisings, or discontent, or any bad talk a field slave might have or feel towards his or her enslavement. 

It was a perfect situation for the owner because a slave could not trust another slave with his or her life, none of them had any power, but the lighter skinned slave had power over the darker skinned slave and neither trusted the other. It followed the Willie Lynch letter to the tee and inside that slave ghetto, the white man wasn’t the only one doing the raping. There was in-breeding, incest, the strong preying on the weak and the weak finding ways to survive. There were gay slaves, pedophile slaves, crazy slaves, evil slaves and jealous slaves; anytime you have a lot of people thrown together in an uncompromising situation all the vices available are going to happen. The whole plantation, Southern and American way of life was corrupted. The system of slavery was so evil, that everyone Black and White was tainted by the excess of sexual and immoral behavior. 

Unlike the films that I mentioned earlier The Birth of A Nation, which portrayed Black Americans as sexual deviants and corrupted individuals and Gone With The Wind which portrayed slaves as always thinking about and worried about white peoples happiness. The truth is somewhere in between, white people had corrupted black people with their own White sense of corruption and deviancy, and black people who had no sense of hope or power, used whatever means they could to survive.  

It’s really simple, the strong preyed on the weak, the same as White America preys on it’s weak, uneducated and poor people.   We are all children of those slaves, we are all, Black and White, children of those slaves. We are all part of America’s horrors, its wars, its poverty, its perversions, its corruption, its hypocrites, its politicians, its slaves. We are all children of the slaves that America made in its image. Its weak, uneducated, poor, corrupted and vile children.

Well, the ghettos of America in the 1950’s and 1960’s were pretty much run and made that way, with the even poorer and more destitute and undesirable colored people being thrown together in places that were even below the ghetto levels of poverty, they were called the projects, and most of the families and people were poor and on welfare.  So now you have tens of millions of Black people across the United States living on top of one another in high rise or low rise buildings all poor, Black, destitute, on welfare, with no jobs, no hope, no self-respect, living in death and violence, and no love for one another, living together all lumped up in a ghetto and housing project. 

Although my mother’s family, her mother and father, her grandmother and grandfather, her great-aunts, her aunts and uncle, her brother and sisters, her nieces and nephews all lived in the ghetto; and although we lived in the projects with my mother; my sister and I had one big thing that differentiated us from the multitude of other real poor ghetto and project kids. We had a grandmother, our father’s mother, who lived in a standalone home that her father had built, three miles from Harvard University, on a street off of Massachusetts Avenue, in North Cambridge, Mass and where she lived was not the ghetto. Although her son, our father, would become one the most infamous and notorious criminals and gangsters in Boston and New England, she did not live in the ghetto and made sure everyone knew that; and my sister and I would have access to her and her home out of and away from the ghetto.