Part 3 – Chapter 1






There are two major problems with the Black community. 

Teenagers who do not leave the community and police who do not come from Black communities.

Most poor African American children who live in or come from the real projects and ghettos of America, like Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, St. Louis, Boston and hundreds of other American cities need psychiatric help for PTSD, depression, and mental illness.  I believe there is no difference between the children living in the housing projects or ghettos of America than soldiers going off to war in World War One, World War Two, Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan.

Most poor people living in ghettos and housing projects live in a shell-shocked world where violence is an everyday occurrence, where death is common, where the most horrific aspects of sex and violence are synonymous with everyday living. When a White child commits atrocities in America it must be because he fell through the cracks and didn’t get the mental help he so deserved. When a Black child commits horrific crimes and murder, it’s because he’s black and by birth is a brutal animal and gets life and forever in jail, where his or her abuse and life continues to be one long night in hell.

The White man taught us everything we know. How to disrespect ourselves, our women, our culture and our communities.  How to kill each other, how to disrespect each other, how to hate each other, how to be jealous of each other, how to not support one another, how to be afraid of one another. 

After 350 years of having to live with white people, we have become just like them in the way that they treated us, so do we treat one another. And that’s why our Black ghettos, our communities are so full of hate. We sell each other drugs and death in the housing projects and in the ghetto. We are living the way the white man has made us in his image.  Full of hate and loathing for one another, killing each other slowly with drugs, painfully with humiliation, and fast with guns and violence. 

Every African American who was born, raised or has lived more than five years in the real projects or real urban or rural ghettos of America suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.   Every African American who lived through segregation in the south suffered from Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder.   Every African American who lived through segregation in the north suffered from Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Every African American who marched for their civil rights in the south and north suffered from Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder.   Every slave in the south or north suffered from Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder.   

Every African American slave who was freed and walked to freedom in the south suffered from Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder.   Every African American who lived through segregation in the south suffered from Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder.   Every former slave who lived through reconstruction in the south suffered from Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder.   Every African American, slave or otherwise who has lived or lives in White America to this very day, this very minute, this very second suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and needs professional help.  And that would include me.

Hundreds and hundreds of millions of African Slaves and African Americans have lived for the last three hundred and seventy five years in America, being terrorized, living in trauma, humiliated and hated by White Americans and suffered and still suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. This Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder has like intergenerational poverty, been passed down from generation to generation, it is a serious cultural and mental flaw and needs to be addressed by America. 

If anyone needs proof of this than you need look no further than our urban cities and prisons where millions of African Americans destroy one another every day in many horrendous and violent ways.  Tens of thousands of inner city Black People in every major American City are self-medicating themselves with heroin, crack, cocaine, marijuana and alcohol. The drugs are provided by the……and take your pick… the Government, the CIA, the Mafia, the Columbian Cartel, the Mexican Cartel, the White man, the drug man, the boogieman and the corner man. All of these entities are trying to destroy you and the community, all because you are poor, angry, helpless, homeless, jobless, no real money, no hope, no nothing. You got just enough to pay for your drugs and stay poor, black, hungry and angry, with nothing. 

The thing is at this point is everyone who works or is trying to help people in the ghetto is suffering from PTSD and that would include the cops, the firemen, the paramedics, the community hospital health workers, the welfare system, and the city government. Everyone in or close to the ghetto has now become mentally and emotionally disabled.

But as the old laws against education for black people stated, “The White system needs a slave work force, and Black people are it”.  The prison system needs a criminal work force, and you’re it.  When you don’t have an education or skill everyone profits except you.  When you’re in court everyone is making money, except you.  When you’re in prison, everyone is making money, except you.  When you don’t have an education or skill, everyone is making money, except you.  The only thing you can do is work a slave job for minimum wages and be poor for the rest of your life or you can make money the street way and go to jail and or die violently. 

Those are your choices when you are born and raised and live more than seventeen years in the housing projects or ghetto.  When you don’t have some type of job skill or education at something that somebody wants, those are your choices and remember rapping is not a job.  Becoming a musician, playing piano or guitar can be a job and you can make money with those skills. 

But rapping is not a job, and won’t make you any money unless you can find a manager, an attorney, a publicist, an agent, a record company, a distributor and sell two million cd’s and everybody in the world, promoters, agents, managers, record company makes real money off of you, and maybe some of that money will trickle down to you. On your next million seller you might make a lot of money unless you owe your manager, agent, record company even more money and then you will still make nothing. 

So unless you are very lucky, your best bet is to get a scholarship, get an education or go into the military from high school while you’re still working out life, unless you’ve already fucked up and didn’t graduate or got locked up for doing something stupid, and now you have a felony and can’t do shit.  Those are your choices when you come from the real ghetto, from the real projects. 

My advice is to simply stop doing stupid shit. Learn what’s real, don’t terrorize and disrespect your own community, your own brothers and sisters by selling them drugs and committing crimes against your own community, and don’t forget, if you do crack or heroin or drugs like that, you will never get out. A drug addict can’t live no more than five miles from his or her drug dealer and once again the white man will have you, since he’s the one providing your drug dealer with the drugs so that you can be addicted. He’s the one putting the crack pipe, zig zag papers and alcohol in the community so you can do some crime, commit a felony and get sent to prison where you can be a slave of the state for 3-5, 5-10, 10-20 or 20-life and then you will never get out, even if you’re out you will live in poverty and be a slave hustling in the ghetto for the rest of your life, until you die violently or slowly. 

Go to school, and no matter what, get some type of education or skill.  If you are not going on to college, community college or have no academic or athletic scholarship to a University and you are seventeen or eighteen years old, you can still go into the United States Air Force, Navy, or Marines, and get out of the ghetto. Stop living off of your mother or grandmother and grow up while you get paid in the military.  But get the fuck up out of the projects, the ghetto, they are death traps.  Join the military, learn a job skill, meet a lot of girls, travel around the world and get paid while you are figuring it all out. 

So, because I come from the real projects, the real ghetto, I can tell you this.  Don’t let the White system define you, don’t let the ghetto define you, don’t let the projects define you. Don’t let them lock you in and have you thinking that the streets are your life, that, that corner defines you and you are locked in to poverty for the rest of your life.  You can get out, you can escape, don’t let those White people laws of red-lining and segregation define you. Segregation and red-lining still exists, but don’t let it define you.  Fight, be the hard bad-motherfucker you think you are, break out, before they trap you with a felony and then you can’t go anywhere. 

I was eighteen years old on the verge of stepping up to my first felony, gun in hand, and a voice whispered to me that I had been graduated from high school by a man who said I just had to swim four laps at the Boys Club, and that I didn’t have to be at my mother’s house anymore, that I didn’t have to be in a gang anymore, that I didn’t have to do crime anymore, that I could leave now. Then, God took my hand and rode with me on the bus down to the United States Air Force recruiting office and I began my journey out. 

Remember this, the odds are that you are average, nothing special yet, because you have not defined yourself.  The odds are that you don’t have any money, no academic or athletic scholarship, can’t get into college because you don’t have the grades. You can’t really rap or sing that good, no job, no real father, no real mother, no real education, no real social skills. You get high too much, you drink too much alcohol, you have no real girlfriends, just some sex, you’re going nowhere and you’re sixteen, seventeen, eighteen or nineteen.  The solution isn’t the drug game, that’s the White man’s trap.  The solution is to get out.

The solution isn’t crime, that’s the White man’s trap so he can send you to prison to be his slave.  The solution isn’t being sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-one and terrorizing your community with your presence, that’s the White man’s trap to define you and keep you in poverty.  The solution is to use the White man and his system and go to Community College and get an education and get some skills that can take you to the next level or go into the Military and have the United States of America pay for your education or job skill, and educate yourself with a skill that somebody will want and pay for. 

What happens in the poor black communities of America where I am from and write about in my autobiography, The Autobiography of an American Ghetto Boy, is a form of genocide, suicide if you will. Where because of the daily, hourly, struggle to survive, to eat, to pay rent, to pay bills, to raise children in poverty, in fear, no jobs, and the degradation of being black and poor in America causes one to embrace the horrors of heroin, crack cocaine, weed and alcohol, which all live side by side with you in the form of liqueur stores and your community drug dealers who prey upon you day and night, and have the power to corrupt and destroy whole neighborhoods with prostitution, rape, petty and violent crimes. 

They get their heroin, crack cocaine, weed and alcohol from the White man.  The needles to shoot heroin come from the White man, the pipe used to smoke crack comes from the White man, the alcohol comes from the White man’s liquor store, the papers and apparatus used to smoke weed come from the White man’s stores.  None of these items, the needles, the pipe, the papers, the alcohol, nor the liquor stores are owned by Black people or manufactured in the poor urban Black communities. 

In fact no one seems to know where the crack pipe is manufactured or how it miraculously appears in every Black community in America.  Every major Black community in every poor Black city, town and village in America is surrounded by and under siege by liquor stores and drug dealer’s. They turn our children into alcoholics and drug and crack addicts, every day, across the country, from Boston to Los Angeles, by the thousands, every day.  

Most of our African American leaders like Reverend Al Sharpton, National Action Network; Reverend Jesse Jackson, Operation Push; Ben Jealous, former NAACP, President/CEO; Corey Booker, Senator, New Jersey; and even Barack Obama, the President of the United States have attempted to help the poor and at risk children of this country through their words and example.  The problem is that 99.9% of these leaders don’t come from where these children come from…they haven’t lived their lives, and aren’t able to truly understand the dangers that are all around these children.  

These leaders haven’t lived day after day, night after night, year after year as children, with violence, poverty, degradation, drugs, and the horrors of prostitution, drug dealing, depravity and no hope all around them; with the stink of poverty all around them, the evil of poverty surrounding them, the stink of death all around them.  The reason we don’t have leaders coming from such an horrific place is that the majority of the people who come from this bad environment – bad parents, bad schools – living with no hope, are mentally, physically and emotionally unable to perform as leaders; or they’re in jail, or they’re on drugs, or they’re on alcohol, or they’re still living on the fringes of society in a bad condition in a bad way…in poverty.

These leaders did not come from dysfunctional and violent families and have no clue why one child will kill another child, one child will rape another child, one child will torture another child, one child will sell drugs to another child, one child will set another child on fire, one child will gang rape another child. They don’t know that, that child has been beaten, abused, starved, raped and suffered from bad food and a bad education, year after year. They don’t know that child has never been on vacation anywhere, no summer vacations to Disneyland, no summer home, no boat rides, no boat trips, no camping trips, no plays, no nothing. 

These so-called leaders have no idea why these children act out in school, rob other children, destroy their communities, sell pussy, sell crack, sell PCP, sell heroin, pimp, prostitute and hustle.  They do not understand that these children are bombarded by television and the outside world showing them wealthy beyond belief athletes, entertainers, and corporations, while they live in a world of trauma, violence, death, poverty and hunger; suffering every day from the effects of mental, physical and sexual abuse and yet they are expected to go to school and pretend that everything is okay, pretend that everything is normal, that they are living a normal American life; and expected to achieve in school where they are basically learning just how wonderful White men and women are. That they are just like some White kid from a middle or upper class home. 

Our leaders need to work on changing American school curriculums in the African American community to match and better reflect that African American child’s reality of self and self-esteem. Then maybe this countries Public Schools will be an interesting learning center for that child.

I have always felt that since slavery and colonialism was a global affair initiated and practiced by the Western European powers of the 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries and White North and South Americans of the 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries who committed horrendous atrocities that included rape, murder, enslavement and the displacement of tens of millions of Africans and African American slaves.

That Africans and the freed descendants of slaves and that would include 95% of African Americans in the United States of America should petition for reparations in the Hundreds and Hundreds of Billions of dollars from the United Nations. African Americans should begin the process by declaring our American Urban Cities our ghettos, Third World Countries, and petition the United Nations for relief in the form of education, jobs and decent housing.

How to win against the White man when you’re a child.  Get a strong education and don’t commit crimes against your community.

There are two problems with the Black community.  Teenagers who never have a chance or reason to leave the community until they are shot, killed or go to jail; and police who do not come from Black communities. Our medical care is often secondary and third rate.  When we are sick, we are often not believed and very often get miss-diagnosed.  All African American children want go to school, work and go to colleges, universities, and trade schools, but because of the extreme poverty, high unemployment and widespread cultural and community destruction, terror, trauma, and fear in our communities, they drop out.

Black on Black crime occurs because our major American cities are overrun with tens of thousands of poor, undereducated, hungry, degraded, unemployed, people all living on top of one another, preying on one another, living in poverty, the good people, the working class people, living with drug addicts and criminals of all types.