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The Whittier Street Housing Projects in Roxbury (Boston) Mass, where Tony Rose grew up from 3 to 18 years old.

Mission: To give a HOUSING PROJECT AT-RISK CHILD, exposure to another life, beyond the one that they are currently living in.

Dear Friend:

My name is Tony Rose. I am an abused child, who grew up in a bad environment, with bad parents, in a violent and poor housing project and I am the Founder/CEO of The Housing Projects and Ghettos of America Children At Risk Foundation.

I am an NAACP Image Award Winner for Outstanding Literature and the award winning Publisher/CEO of Phoenix, Arizona based, Amber Communications Group, Inc., the nation’s largest African-American Publisher of Self-Help Books and Music Biographies.

I was born in Roxbury (Boston) Massachusetts, raised in the Whittier Street Housing Projects, honorably discharged from the United States Air Force, a disabled American Veteran; and attended the University of Massachusetts, the University of California in Los Angeles, and the New England Conservatory of Music. I later became a world-renowned, Gold and Platinum album selling record producer, music publisher and record company owner with music production deals on Virgin Records, Atlantic Records., Pavilion/ CBS/Sony Records and numerous record licensing deals with major labels internationally.

I grew up as a child understanding that one has to be innovative and come up with a new way to survive, a new way to live, a new idea or thought process that can move you from one place to another, a new way of doing things.  Whether it was getting credit as a child at the local grocery store, or becoming a paperboy selling newspapers, or shining shoes with my home made shoe shine box, or fighting older and more violent boys to keep my two project buildings with customers that I could rely on to run errands for, to run their numbers, to get their groceries, drugs or alcohol, to get anything they needed, so that my sister and I could eat. Innovation was a survival tactic for me and in my new book, America The Black Point of View: An Investigation and Study of The White People of America and Western Europe and The Autobiography of an American Ghetto Boy – The 1950’s and 1960’s – From the Projects to NAACP Image Award Winner, Volume One (Amber Booksby Tony Rose, I talk about these situations and much, much, more in great depth.

I slowly as a child and then teenager began to find and become exposed to some amazing people who would begin to change my life and save me. You see, I come from another America, the America nobody wants to talk about; it is not middle class and does not pay taxes; it is below the ground poor and embellished in violence and poverty. There are a few things that can save a child born into this condition, in this America; One of them is exposure to the outer world, the other America.

The children we want for our foundation are like I once was – children whose parents don’t pay taxes, can’t pay taxes and don’t even think about paying taxes. These children will usually come from inter- generational poverty. They are poor and living on the fringes of society – usually on welfare, some type of government assistance or illegally gotten income. They come from the people that America doesn’t want to think about. They are from the underbelly of America, usually abused and ready to be thrown away by mainstream America, until they surface as rapists, killers, crack or heroin addicts and become a part of the two million African American men, women and children imprisoned in America’s penal institutions.

Yes, I am from that other America; and yes, I too was once a Housing Project Child at Risk, like most real ghetto people, a victim. But, I was one of the lucky ones. I had a grandmother who cared; I found nuns and priests who cared; I found a newspaper publisher who cared; I found a Boy Scout leader who cared; I found a politician who cared; I found and joined the military and they cared; I found a public relations man who cared. I had God’s good fortune and found some amazing people in my life, who cared and exposed me to their lives. My intention is to utilize my life – my having survived those conditions. My intention is to utilize my NAACP Image Award as an instrument to better help those children as victim’s, who come from that bad environment – bad schools, bad parents – with no one who cares for them. I feel that by exposing them to people like you and giving them an opportunity, these children, between the ages of five and ten – and hopefully that isn’t too late – that by exposing the children to people like you, who are doing relevant and positive work, inside and outside of your communities, that this may help change the lives of these children; and thus I am asking for your help to be a  recruiter or a partner with The Housing Projects and Ghettos of America Children At Risk Foundation.

There are a lot of leaders out there, including: Reverend Al Sharpton, National Action Network; Reverend Jesse Jackson, Operation Push; Ben Jealous, former NAACP, President/CEO; Senator Corey Booker; and even Barack Obama, the President of the United States. There are many leaders who have attempted to help the poor and at risk children of this country through their words and example. The problem is that 99.9% of these leaders don’t come from where these children come from…they haven’t lived their lives, and aren’t able to truly understand the dangers that are all around them.

These leaders haven’t lived day after day, night after night, year after year as children with violence, poverty, degradation, drugs, child abuse, and the horrors of prostitution, drug dealing, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, depravity and no hope all around them; poverty in itself, is an evil. The reason we don’t have leaders coming from such an horrific place is that the majority of the people who come from this bad environment – bad parents, bad schools – living with no hope, living in a no-hope condition are mentally, physically and emotionally unable to perform as leaders; or they’re in jail, or they’re on drugs, or they’re on alcohol, or they’re still living on the fringes of society in a bad condition in a bad way…in poverty. Maybe you or someone you know shares my story. Now is the time to remember how you dared to dream and found your future. It’s a matter of who will win the battle for the hearts and minds of the Housing Project and Ghettos of America At Risk Children.

There are three ways you can participate: 1. Become a Recruiter – Pinpoint at risk children who live in the housing projects in a community near you. Allocate the best Community Organizations that serve these children and identify the best children for the program.

2. Become a Business Partner – If you are the owner of a business, an officer of a corporation, the director of a radio or television station, the editor of a newspaper or magazine, an attorney, a doctor, a restaurant owner, etc. we need you to participate as a business partner (role model)

3. Become a Corporate Partner – Donate Sponsorship Funding to be used for operating expenses, as well as: transportation to the venues, lunch, T-shirts, school supplies, etc. for the The Housing Projects and Ghettos of America Children At Risk Foundation.

Here’s how the Children Qualify:
These Children who need some kind of help in gaining exposure to the world beyond their housing projects and communities should be between five and ten years old.
All the Children must live in a housing project.
All the Children must have the one or both parents in jail or on drugs.
All the Children must live in households that have some type of public assistance, such as welfare or food stamps.

To be considered for the The Housing Projects and Ghettos of America Children At Risk Foundation, all children must have a public assistant coordinator or a court officer appointee and belong to at least one community organization.

The Housing Projects and Ghettos of America Children At Risk Foundation will operate on a specific day of the month and time (to be determined) when the children are invited to various places of employment. They will spend one hour at the location – a half-hour watching the employees work and a half-hour asking them questions.

Some of our book publisher friends can donate books in a bag, note pads, pencils and school supplies, as well as lunch.

Can I count you in to participate in The Housing Projects and Ghettos of America Children At Risk Foundation? I implore you to join my team – to become a foot soldier in the battle against poverty and neglect…and to free one child at a time from the perils of inter-generational poverty, of being and living poor in a bad environment, with bad parents and bad schools, living with violence and poverty forever, by having exposure to people like you.

Thank you.
All the very best,
Tony Rose, Founder/CEO
The Housing Projects and Ghettos of America Children At Risk Foundation